Cotton Design is a full service architectural design firm in southeastern Vermont.
We design for business, residential and public use.

Priscilla Cotton at workOur services include:

  • structural and architectural design
  • schematics and technical drawings
  • interior design and decor
  • client representation during construction

Aside from the quality of our work, we are the fastest and most efficient way to implement your next construction project.

Our Process

David and Eric at workWhether new construction, renovations or additions, our approach is simple: we start by listening, asking questions, and developing a comprehensive understanding of the entire project.

Our experience allows us to be highly accurate in estimating the actual costs of a project. We will work within your budget to achieve your goals through thoughtful design.

We are also expert in judging a project’s time frame. Permitting, construction times, finishing and decor, etc… are all laid out in a realistic timeline that avoids unforeseen delays and cost overruns.

Our design process is highly interactive with a priority on communication. Your involvement and input are central to the project’s success. And when all is settled and agreed upon, our designs are then turned into perfectly accurate technical documents that are given to the builders and contractors. Once again, experience has taught us to be extremely “builder friendly” in our designs and drawings, increasing efficiency exponentially and keeping everyone happy.

Our Team

David Cotton - architectural designerDavid Cotton is the head architectural designer and founder of Cotton Design Associates. David has been designing homes, businesses, and public buildings in New England since 1975.

David got his start in design apprenticing with his uncle, a respected structural engineer in Boston, following his service in the U.S. Marines. As an apprentice, David gained a full understanding of how the mechanics of steel, concrete, wood, and glass are put together to create the buildings we live and work in.

Upon moving to southern Vermont, David quickly found work with his skills in hand drafting and discovered an aptitude for spatial planning. In 1979 he founded Cotton Design as a residential design firm. In 1994 he teamed up with architect Paul Belaski and began designing for commercial use as well.

Priscilla Cotton - interior designer

Priscilla Cotton, our interior designer, is a trained visual artist who has turned her talents to the design of spaces for living and working.

Priscilla has studied and practiced many disciplines of the fine arts including painting, sculpture, fashion, print making, and textile design. Her depth of experience combined and culminated in a love for interior design in 1994, when Priscilla began working with David at CDA. She has designed interiors for hundreds of homes, businesses and public spaces, through which she’s accumulated a wealth of practical knowledge in materials, surfaces and furniture.

“The spaces we live and work in are compositions which need to be balanced aesthetically with their practical functions.”

Paul Belaski, Architect

After studying Architecture and Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, Paul received his Masters of Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Paul began his career in 1978 at Kosinski Associates in New Haven, CT before joining Catamount Design in Windsor, VT as Principal Architect. In 1994, Paul and David began Cotton Belaski Architectural Services to collaborate on commercial projects such as elementary and secondary schools, recreational facilities, town garages, fire houses, and many other commercial and retail projects.

Two decades in, Paul and David have proved an excellent match as they work collaboratively with a focus on creative design coupled with energy efficiency and value efficient construction.

eric craven - associate designerEric Craven

Eric, our associate designer responsible for all Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), joined our team in 2006. He has become something of a secret weapon for us with his training in architectural drafting, a preternatural ease with all things technical, and a deft artistic touch. Eric produces the perfectly accurate construction plans, CAD drawings and 3D renderings that make our designs crystal clear to builders and contractors.