Building Your Dream Home

Your home is where you come to revitalize yourself, reconnect with your family, and reenergize your batteries after a long day out in the world. This is what we believe in and what we create for our clients at Cotton Design.

Your revitalization will happen when you pass through the doorway.
This space is uniquely yours. It fit’s you.

The purpose of our architectural design services is to clarify your vision and goals for your building project. We then work to balance the aesthetics together with the structure and financial plan of your project.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Dear Priscilla,
It amazes me how you are transforming this house. I am beginning to feel it is my home instead of just a house. I love the candle holders, vases, pictures, rugs, plants, bowls, decorations, my bookshelves, everything.
I was proud to invite my friends into my home last night for our meeting about the benefit ride on Saturday. Last night I actually looked forward to having the meeting in my home.

I made it back to the house from the stables just as people were arriving and all I had time to do was change shoes so I still had my hat on and had dirt and mud on me.
The minute I walked into my home, I felt at home.
I immediately relaxed and had a sense of accomplishment.
I felt strong and competent, which has been rare lately.
I was effective in the meeting and did not slump, wondering what people were thinking and did not nervously chat my head off.
I was able to focus and was decisive when needed.
All anyone knows of me is what they have seen in the arena and on a horse.
Their reaction towards me was so different.
It was one of respect and was immediate and very obvious.
When we returned to the arena, I was one of the girls again but with obvious respect.
I was treated as more of a leader than just another rider.

What a feeling!
It amazes me that our surroundings can have such a strong impact on our emotions and those of others.

And it amazes me that you can read what works for me and the make it happen.

– A.E.