Architectural Design

Building project costs typically break down to about 10% architectural design and 90% construction. Attempt to build without a clear and well thought out design, however, and cost overruns are guaranteed.

The purpose of our architectural design services is to clarify your vision and goals for your building project.

We work to balance the aesthetics, the technical and structural considerations, and the financial plan of your project.  That’s to say: we’ll balance your building’s looks, how it stands up, and how much it will cost to achieve your goals.

The three organizations that provide oversight of buildings in Vermont are The Department of Life Safety, The Energy Code of Vermont, and possibly local town governments. Knowing the ins-and-outs of all the rules and regulations that must be satisfied is an important service we provide to keep things on track and under budget.

At Cotton Design, we view our clients as partners.
We work alongside you to achieve a successful building project that will exceed your expectations in every way. It’s your vision and goals that we aim to achieve. Our goal is to help you get there in the most efficient  way possible.

The first step to getting started is to let us know what category your design project falls in to:

My experience with Cotton Design has been twofold. The first was a commercial project and involved the design, preparation of contract documents and construction of a Town Highway Garage. The second was a Single Family Residence and consisted of the design for a house on an existing foundation.

The team at Cotton Design was always there and providing help to find solutions to design problems and able to make the wishes of the clients work. The process, from the initial concept to the finished plans, consisted of several revisions and conversations involving the benefits and difficulties of any particular idea.

My previous experience as a General Contractor has taught me that a well thought out plan requires fewer changes as the project is built.  The ability of Cotton Design to work through the plans in the design process helps ensure a project that can stay on budget because little if any changes are needed during construction.

Lastly, the plans are easy to read and contain all the information needed to guide the construction. They are “clean” in as much as they are not crowded with redundant information. It is clear what you are looking at, information is spread out on the various pages and in the detail drawings.

Cotton Design: a Great Team and good people to have helping you with your project!

Marcel Gisquet, General Contractor